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G10/G7/V10/V3/i7/i5/GL001- 2years warranty 

Robomate/S1/Dustmite Pro - 1 year warranty

Additional Purchase of Parts - 3 months warranty (excluded wear and tear items such as roller, filter, etc.) 

**Our Morse G10 cordless vacuum now comes with a 2-year warranty starting from February 2022. However, if you purchased your G10 before February 2022, it will only come with a 1-year warranty.

**2 years warranty for product, 1 year warranty for battery

~The warranty includes all parts problems and repair costs. (If the defect is made by human error are not included in warranty)

~The battery is a consumable accessory, and the power will decrease with the usage rate. Such as power reduction is excluded from the warranty.

~If you're located in West Malaysia, we will assign courier service go for collect and check. (Only for 1st year)

~If you're located in East Malaysia/Singapore, then need to bear the shipping fee return to us. Once the repair is done, we'll bear  the shipping fee to send it back to customer. (Only for 1st year)


~We offer 1-to-1 exchange for products that has cracked parts within 7 days upon received. Please do check the condition of your product before use, once it's been used it can only be exchanged if there's a malfunction.

Thank you for choosing Morse and we look forward to providing you with excellent service.

After Sales Customer Service: +60183831316